Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Most people think that kidnap and ransom insurance is only for the very wealthy or politically connected person. The reality is most everyone could be a target of a kidnap and ransom crime.

If you ever travel for work, it’s possible you may end up in a place where even a modestly well-off person would be considered well-to-do. If you were to be kidnapped, you captors would not interested in hearing how little money you have in the bank. Also, your loved ones are not equipped to handle the negotiations to get you returned home safely.

Enter kidnap and ransom insurance. Yes, it can provide a limit of insurance that can be used for your ransom, but that’s almost not the most important part. The insurance companies that offer kidnap and ransom insurance have trained negotiators on staff. These people make a career our getting kidnap victims returned safely. Having a skilled negotiator is the most important thing you can have in these situation.

If you travel for business or personal reasons, you should seriously consider kidnap and ransom coverage. Especially if you are “adventure touring” or visiting poorer nations with spotty kidnapping records.

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